Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adventures in eating

Who knew that something as simple as eating would turn into such an ordeal? I never know what to expect as we explore new food with Noah. I am constantly wondering what is going through his mind as he takes his first bite, not knowing what he is eating (Is it peas?? Applesauce? Yogurt? Oh... Squash... okay I like squash).

We started off with rice cereal at 6 months.
No high chair. No bib. No problem.
God conveniently created the belly button with this type of situation in mind.

Next we tried applesauce that also served as hair product.

And then not only did he discover cheerios, he figured out how to get them out of the container.

Caught in the act.

And finally, he got some bibs and a high chair so he could experience prunes and sweet potatoes with a little more class.

And last but not least peas... this boy doesn't mess around with peas.


  1. Those are great pictures! I just love that boy! He's got such an awesome personality. God has bless your family! :-)

  2. whoa!!! I had no idea you had a blog!! YAY! I miss you, I think about you guys often :) so glad to be able to see pictures of Noah! I cannot believe that so much time has pasted... he'll be 1 soon! whoa!