Thursday, December 2, 2010

A look at Christmas past

Contrary to what I thought last year, life with a one year old is much more hectic for me than life with a newborn. Don't get me wrong I really love it, but for some reason I thought that the holidays would be easier this year. Let's compare the season so far:

Last year -

We got together with some wonderful friends. We ate breakfast, packed up our babies, and headed to the mountains to find the perfect tree.

After checking out all the potential McQuinn Christmas trees and hiking for a good part of the morning we found the perfect tree.

So Gary cut it down and hauled it back up the mountain.

It was perfect for us. So it was a little "Charlie Brown" but hey we worked hard for this tree and we loved it!

We spent the evening putting decorations up on our tree and around our house and were sure that this was our new Christmas tradition.

This year-

We remembered how much fun it was to work hard for a great tree, and all the great memories we made with our friends, and how many fun pictures we got that we will treasure forever. Then we took one look at our one year old, (who is now more than twice as heavy as he was last year, and who doesn't just peacefully fall asleep when carried around in the baby carrier) and we got out our trusty old 7 foot fake tree.

You may notice that our tree doesn't look like it's measuring up to 7 feet this year. Great observation. As we put the bottom branches on the tree, we realized that our tree would take up our entire living room unless we intervened. So one great idea, 10 rubber bands, and half a tree later we now have on display the top part of our fake tree. It isn't taking over our lives and it is much less tempting for the one year old. Yeah!!! (just ignore the out of control tree skirt, the stockings that aren't hung, and the diaper on the floor... thanks)

So there's the difference in trees from this year to last... lets take a look at Christmas cards:

Last year-

The day after our Thanksgiving trip I took some pictures of my sweet little 6 week old baby.

I bought some blank cards from Target attached the picture along with some Christmas greetings, wrote a note, addressed the cards, and sent them to our wonderful family and friends. Yes, I made my Christmas cards.

This year-

Christmas Cards? I really should do them... We have a baby now, and it's fun to update the fam and friends on our little guy. But I don't have time for this (maybe if I spent less time blogging and more time Christmas Carding it wouldn't be such a problem... but that's beside the point).

Then I stumbled across some good news. Shutterfly was having some great deals on cards. These are some of my favs:

I used Shutterfly a few years ago to make a photo book of our honeymoon, and that turned out great! As I was looking on their site I found all sorts of fun stuff. They not only have Christmas cards, but they have holiday and new years party invitations, and even birthday cards. How fun would that be! I love it when people do those picture calendars from there too. Then I came across this deal and I couldn't pass it up:

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

Free cards!? That I don't have to cut out and glue myself... are you kidding me!? Yes please! That's just what this busy mom needs :). So needless to say my Christmas card project will be much less time consuming this year and will probably look a lot better than last year's anyway. Now I just have to find a picture that I want hanging on everyone's fridge. ;)


  1. Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I ran accross your blog finally!!!! I've been wondering for so long how everything is going with you guys and how you're doing. Man do I wish that we could talk about life in person sometime. I loved reading your blog - and it sounds just like you, I can totally picture you saying all those things.
    What good memories we had together in college, and now we could talk about our new lives that have changed so much. Motherhood has a way of bonding friends even more. I hope we can maybe connect one day. We hope to be out in CO someday hopefully sooner rather than later. I hope you check this, and remember me. :)

  2. so I just popped across as well, via jessica's. :) loved seeing a little update on your life and totally agree with the newborn vs. 1 yr. old stage! I got in on the free shutterfly cards as well - yay!

  3. Hey there! I didn't know you had a blog! I would LOVE to get caught up with you Jamie! It was so fun reading your recent one. : ) Your little guy is growing up so fast!