Monday, January 31, 2011

Better Late Than Never

So before New Years... before Christmas... before Thanksgiving... way back in October we had a birthday bash for the baby, and I still haven't posted pics. How could this happen!? Sorry people, here they are:

There was food

There was decor

There were friends

There was entertainment

I mean no first birthday party would be complete without the guest of honor stuffing cake in his face with no shame for all to see... right?

I love love love birthday parties so much. Gary refuses to let me throw him one (boring!!) so I'll take advantage of someone having a birthday who doesn't have a say in the matter yet. It was tons of fun, and we have so much to celebrate. I look back on Noah's first year of life and the months before he was born and I remember the grace God poured out on us. He moved our hearts to trust Him in ways we never had to before which was a true miracle (we serve a God who changes hearts!). He answered prayers daily as he brought me from week 28 of pregnancy in labor to week 37 delivering a healthy baby (we serve a God who is in total control, He not only created Noah but He amazed doctors as He kept Noah in the womb to grow, grow, grow for MONTHS longer than they thought). Then after Noah was born with a bunch of complications going on in his little 5 pound body, God healed him with zero surgeries causing the doctors to say that all the problems have "healed themselves" ...right. Not to mention everything the Lord has revealed and still is revealing to me about myself and the sin in my heart as I learn to parent this little guy. God pours out grace each and every day, He is so good!

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