Monday, November 7, 2011

National Meet Your Neighborhood Night

As if we didn't get enough candy from two hours of trick or treating in the morning, we decided to go out again that night with our awesome friends the Gardners.

On more than one occasion we had to stop the boys from walking right into a random strangers house, who opened their door to hand out some candy to the cute trick or treaters.

We decided it was about time to be done when Noah started laying down to take a breather after every house. This kid had one busy day! It takes a lot of energy to look all cute and beg strangers for candy.

Check out our awesome candy stash. Obviously a two year old has no need for this amount of candy, and since we are serious about our son's health... I think he'll need our help. I mean we wouldn't want it to go stale, right?

And I mean, what a great holiday! When else do you get to spend the whole day out and about meeting your neighbors and other people in your community. Everyone is out and everyone is happy (I blame the candy) and now a whole bunch of strangers are now acquaintances.

Halloween, you are awesome. See you next year!

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  1. It really was a great day! Thanks for spending it with us!